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VIP military tour in Ukraine!

For those who like military style vacations Tourist Company offers an unforgettable day out of Kiev at the military base. You will have an opportunity to visit real range for military trainings and more, to try shooting, tank driving and other attractions on your own! Wide range of guns is available, such as Kalashnikov, SVD, Kalashnikov RPK scattergun, Pistol Silent on the base of APS, Makarova Pistol. On special request even paint ball fights can be organize.

Our company representatives will meet you at your hotel or apartment in Kiev and take you directly to the military base. While transfer you will not be bored because our experienced team builders will entertain you. A lot of different and interesting games will be offered to you at the bus and on the field.

After the main attraction – SHOOTING, which will last from 2 to 4 hours, especially for you field cuisine with military style dishes and drinks will be served.

We promise you that your time will be fun with amazing impressions! This is a new type of tour which was designed for people who are tired of constant work and want to have a blast!