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Ukraine Missile Silo Tour

Soviet Union had the most powerful nuclear weapons in the world. A lot of missile bases were located all over the soviet territory. One of them is still situated in Ukraine near Pervomaysk town. After disintegration of the USSR this Ukraine missile silo was disarmed, one part of the nuclear warheads were destroyed, other part were moved to Russia. And now the Ukraine has a nuclear missile base museum with warheads and nuclear rockets expositions and others.

Stay in Kiev company arrange this unique military tour which name is Ukraine missile silo tour. You can join it with a group or an individual silo tour can be arranged for you. There you will have an opportunity to see by your own eyes the most powerful nuclear rocket ss-18 (Satan), which is still one of the biggest threats in the world of nuclear weapons. You will go down into the mine and will see the control center with the famous red button to launch nuclear missiles.

Join our fantastic Ukraine missile silo tour and you will never forget it and will get a lot of exciting emotions.