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The most frequently asked questions by foreigners in Kiev

Where to wash clothes, to shoot from the Kalashnikov rifle, to listen to national songs - we gathered most popular questions asked by foreigners to employees of tourist centers in Kiev.

According to Kiev City Tourist Information Center, about 30 tourist centers are in Kiev now where visitors can get information about the city. In summer it was activity peak of this centers. Author of this article worked the whole season in one of them and made ​​a list of the most popular questions and answers asked by foreigners who came to the Ukrainian capital first time.

Services and purchases

  • Which currency exchange office can I trust? Advise us pease, where is the best rate.
  • The map is full of tourist information centers. Where are they?
  • How to buy train tickets?
  • Which bus goes to ...?
  • Where can I wash my clothes?
  • Where is the big shopping mole?
  • Where can I eat Ukrainian food?
  • Where can I buy stamps?
  • Where can I buy auto parts?


  • Where can I look at ethno show - Ukrainian dances and songs?
  • Where to go with kids?
  • Where can I book Kiev guided tours?
  • I am bored here. Could you go with me for dinner? And introduce me to your friends, especially girls? I will pay!
  • Have you visited this massage (showing popular massage advertising in Kiev with half-naked girls on it)?

Culture and religion

  • Can I visit the opera? Where can I listen to classical music?
  • Is today a day-off in Kiev historical museum?

The thrill

  • Can I take part in Chernobyl tour tomorrow?
  • Is it possible to get to the top of the Mother Motherland statue?
  • When the nearest football game is? How to get to the Olympic Stadium?
  • When can I go to a Kiev shooting range?


  • Ukrainian flag have caused a storm of positive emotions, but did you know if I went out with a flag of my country, the people would have booed me?!
  • Why nobody speak french?