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New weapon opportunity at the military tour

New weapon opportunity at the military tour in Kiev. At the shooting base you can fire from the assault rifle Tavor (TAR-21). It is a modern bullpup model of rifle (5.56x45 mm calibre) which was worked out and manufactured by the Israeli Military Industries. They started to develop this arm in 1993. After military testing in late 90th some disadvantages were detected. After 4 years of scientist’s hard work renewed TAR-21 saw the word. The first who took this rifle to ammunition was Israeli military structures in 2004. Nowadays 12 countries (including Ukraine since 2008) already use Tar-21 at their defense military forces.

The rifle took its name from the mount which is located in the north of Israel and was mentioned in Old Testament. The design was created very comfortable to hold in hands and soft in shooting. Generally it is a rifle of XXI century which reflects demands of modern military forces.

And now you have such an opportunity to experience TAR-21 by your own with a help of professional military instructors. A couple of month ago this rifle was purchased by the shooting range near Kiev. StayinKiev travel agency organizes shooting tours with the possibility to try Tavor as well as other arms and BDRM driving.

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