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Kiev tours. Travel to Ukraine to visit the valley of daffodils

At the Carpathian Mountains the valley of daffodils is in bloom. However, the population of those plants is decreasing every year. The reason is poaching and a lot of tourists. To preserve the blooming field poaching is a subject to penalty, each flower costs 12 hryvnas. The same price everyone should pay to enter the preserved area. Additionally, all tourists can go for sightseeing only with guides.

Travel to Ukraine to see the endless field of daffodils angustifolia, this type of narcissus is growing on the height of hundreds of kilometers. You can find it only in Alps, Balkan Mountains and Carpathian Mountains. In Ukraine you can meet this type in Zakarpattya. This valley of daffodils is unique by the being the only place in Europe where this flower grown on the flat surface.

The best is to travel to Ukraine to Zakarpattya in the period of daffodils blooming, which starts in the middle of May.

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