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Chernobyl tours allow to see a lot of people who live in the Zone

When you book Chernobyl tours and go to the Zone you can see that a lot of people live there in spite of radiation level and unsuitable living conditions. Why is this happening?

Now experts have recognized that Chernobyl town and some part of Chernobyl Zone are safe for permanent residence. According to Oleg Bondarenko, a member of the National Commission, the southern part of the exclusion zone may be opened and used for people without any restrictions. It is also possible to live permanently in Chernobyl. Speaking of doses, Bondarenko said that the permissible dose of radiation is 20 millisieverts per year. Nowadays radiation is at sixteen times less and is only 1.2 millisieverts per year.

If you will go to Chernobyl tours you will see that some of people live in Chernobyl town, some of them in villages. Today there are about 200 people living in the zone. Potential migrants do not worry about their health - many of them are old people.

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