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Chernobyl tourism. Pripyat tourism. You will get a lot of exciting emotions!

Entrance to the almost every building in Pripyat is prohibited. Is it really a big problem for Chernobyl tourism?

Walking through the Pripyat town you had a great opportunity to enter the buildings (apartments, shops, hotel, school, police and others) and to see how people lived. You could feel the spirit of the time of people who lived there until 1986.

Now the government authorities do not allow to enter the buildings. The reason is that the buildings are in bad condition and this strict rule is for tourists safety. But it does not stop the tourists to enjoy the Chernobyl tour.

There are still enough buildings in pripyat that can be accessed, as well as a lot of other objects, such as Chernobyl power station ground near reactor no4, red forest, Chernobyl town and others.

Chernobyl tourism and Pripyat tourism are on the top position of travel proposals for foreign tourists in Ukraine. The level of radiation is at the acceptable level. Travel company give a special equipment - dosimeters, so the tourists can see that.

Try Chernobyl tour and you will get a lot of exciting emotions.