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Chernobyl group tour from Kiev

Chernobyl attracts attention of all the nations around the globe and didn’t leave indifferent anyone. Time passed but people still talk about the catastrophe which affected not only CIS countries but Europe, Asia and even such distant continent as Australia. Chernobyl reactor No4 and forgotten town of Pripyat which are standing empty for 24 years since the catastrophe had happened now are opened for visitors. Ukrainian tour operators had a lot of foreign tourists during the last years for Chernobyl tours. But since the April 2010 the rules were strict and only few tour agencies left for cooperation with Pripyat officials in organizing tours. The prices went up and schedule for visiting was cut. But demand on Chernobyl tours is quite strong. Today Ukrainian tour operators offer not only individual tours but organized all day group trips with English speaking guides. Group tours help visitors save their money and get the same impression which actually can be shared with such tourist who also came to Ukraine from abroad and decided to visit Chernobyl.

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