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Best Military Tourism In Ukraine!

Military tourism in Ukraine is the type of recreation created for those who want to became for at least short period of time the real warrior, to experience modern types of rifles and military vehicles.

Military tourism in Kiev can be divided into next sections:

Visiting of Historical places and Museums. In Kiev it is a places of battles during the wars, museum of the WW2, Museum of military weapon, Cossack villages.

Different types of rifles shooting.

Military vehicle driving.

Military helicopters and airplanes flights.

Living at the real military bases in military conditions.

Visiting different strategic places and ranges (Nuclear missile museum)

The military tourism in Kiev is popular in different countries especially in those which have great and long history of military actions and good technical bases. During the Soviet times there were the possibility of military tourism only in historical direction. Now in Ukraine a lot of military bases were disarmed according to the treaty on nuclear non- proliferation. So the bases are now the museums which welcome visitors from all over the world.