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The unforgettable military experience

Adrenaline off-road
tank driving

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What do we have:

  • T-62 tank driving
  • BTR tank driving
  • BRDM tank driving
  • Kalashnikov, Dragunov sniper rifle and other weapons
  • Delicious open-air military food on the tank range
  • Comfortable transportation

What you will get:

  • Doze of emotions during the tank tour
  • Awesome feelings with Kalashnikov shooting
  • Competition between your friends
  • Professional instructor's support
  • English-speaking assistant during all trip

We have 3 different military options and custom quote for the group from 2 people.
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Dive into the world of our military tours, where you will test the strength and passing ability at extreme roads of the real tanks. Trees will bend under your armored vehicle on the off-road terrains.

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