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Travel to Ukrainian Switzerland – Zakarpattya

The representatives of Zakarpatska oblast claim that Zakarpattya in the future can become as prosperous and independent as Switzerland. Zakarpatty borders with 4 countries of the EU, so dwellers of Zakarpatty wants to live not just close to the EU, but to have the same high and stable level of life with social guaranties.

Zakarpatty is already doing first steps in that direction. The main perspective is development of tourism in Ukraine and particularly in Zakarpattya. During Soviet times a lot of people travelled to Ukrainian Carpathians to health sanatoriums and recreation zones. This potential provides a good background for the touristic development of that area of Ukraine.

The governor of Zakarpattya stressed that in 20 years after infrastructural improvements and promotion policy tourism in Zakarpattya will increase, and people will travel freely all over the Ukraine.

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