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UNO promises to support shelter construction in Chernobyl Zone.

The construction cost increase pleasantly surprised UNO, as they said it is the evidence of desire to higher quality.

Last Sunday this statement was made by the UNO development program administrator Helen Clark during her visit to Chernobyl with emergency minister Viktor Baloga.

“You have to be certain that UNO development program is striving to support this project,” she said.

Clark mentioned that increase in cost of building the shelter for the reactor reflects the intentions and obligations of Ukrainian side to do everything correctly and on the high level.

She added that all international community is interested in successful realization of this project.

In turn, Baloga stressed that this problem is not only Ukrainian but of all international community as well.

Following his words in April 2011 international conference will be organized and financial questions of Chernobyl project will be discussed.

“I am more than sure that these issues will be finalized and finalized within a certain term,” summarized Baloga.

After the 1986 explosion Chernobyl nuclear station was finally covered only on 15 January, 2000. However the sarcophagus built after the accident over 4th unit has been gradually destroyed.

Ukraine is working on construction of the new confinement on the object “Shelter”

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