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New cave in Crimea opened. Travel to Ukraine.

Crimean speleologists let tourists into the new cave Emine-Bair-Koba.

Crimean speleologists opened a new walking route - excursion in the cave Emine-Bair-Koba or Tree-eyed cave in the Crimean Mountains. Usual sightseers can descend 70 meters down, only extreme tourists can go further 150 meters down because to thread there you need special appliance and outfit. On the 240 meters under the earth the route for tourists stops and started for speleologists-scientists. The cave has its undiscovered extension.

The temperature underground is constant around 6-8 degrees above zero. But the interior is changing every year. In winter and spring streams of slosh flow to the cave, elutriate it and create new routes. The cave is located on the Chatur Dag plateau. During decades the cave wasn’t protected. Anyone could go there: locals to take water, tourists to get some natural souvenirs.

To get there you can take the car or bus from Yalta up to Ai-Petri mount. The guide and coordinator will accompany you. Or you can catch the cable way and be driven 1234 meters high!

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