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Hot tours in Ukraine!

During all the summer it was extremely hot in Ukraine and especially in big cities. So the most popular destination for travelling was trips to Crimea and Odessa. Sea water helped to escape from such enormous air temperature and cool the body in the sea water.

In Kiev tourists or citizens could visit open air pools, lakes, rivers and enjoy the summer time while drinking cocktails while lying at a sun bed near the water. The beaches at the Dnipro river were crowded with those who decided make a trip to Kiev or vice versa not to leave Kiev. In spite thought and strong imagination that European capitals are not a good place to visit in summer Kiev showed that trips to Kiev popular in all seasons.

Kiev has tons of summer attractions. On the August 21 Flower festival will be launched in Kiev. The place of exhibition is Spivoche Pole near Kiev Pecherska Lavra and Museum of WW2. Organizers think that open air flower displaces will be available for visiting within next 2-3 weeks depending on weather. 

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