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A new tourist attraction in Kiev

While the city seems intent on destroying its two most popular historic sites (see right), it’s somehow managed to find the money to build a new albeit smaller and slightly less impressive one in the beautiful Pechersk Botanical Gardens. 
The new tourist attraction is a little Kyiv Rus-style fortress with watch tower, which, due to its location high up in the park, offers impressive views out over the city and the Dnipro.

Loosely based on the Krasniy Dvir fortress, which was built by Prince Vsevolod (the son of Yaroslav the Wise) in 1071, to defend Kyiv Rus from potential attackers coming across the river, the new fortress was built on donations from the citizens of the city. However, the Kyiv authorities didn’t miss the chance to grab some PR when it opened at the weekend.
To gain entry to the new attraction, one only has to pay entrance to the park (15hrv for adults). Those who donated money for the project are allowed to enter free, and those who gave the most will have their names carved on the ceiling of the tower.
Trust the people to do a good job at creating something new and worthy while the government remains intent on destroying what’s already there. We wonder how long it will take them to mess this one up.

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