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Article - Travel to Ukraine.

Article - Travel to Ukraine.

Ukraine is the country in the East of Europe. Compare to other European countries Ukraine has a large territory and big population. Ukrainian history is also impressing. Starting from the Tripillian culture 3-4 century BC till modern history of independent Ukraine since 1996.

Long history, constant wars, territory division among other empires make Ukraine very diversified culturally, ethnically and historically. 

There are 10 places/areas which you must see in Ukraine.

The first is Crimea. It is a fascinating region to explore, as well as a great place to spend a vacation alone or with friends. Across the centuries it has attracted settlers such as the Greeks, the Venetians and the Genoese - all of whom founded cities along the coast and inter-married with the local people.

The second bright area is Carpathian Mountains region which is considered to be the Green Pearl of Ukraine. It is one of the most popular resorts and tourist centers of Ukraine. A beautiful mix of natural areas, forests, meadows, lakes, fields and humans living in harmony with nature is what makes the mountains so attractive to tourists!

The third is Kiev tours. Kiev is a beautiful city of more than to 3 million people living in it. The capital of Ukraine Kiev is situated on the Dnipro River. Ancient Kievan Rus with the capital in Kiev, which reached its greatest period of domination during the 11th and 12th centuries, was a center of trade routes between the Baltic and the Mediterranean. The art and architecture of Kyiv are world treasures.

The forth must seen place is Lviv which is a very poetic city with numerous coffee shops. Narrow medieval streets paved with stones, architectural decoration done in styles of different epochs - all saved facades are saved in its original form and has its historical value. In Lviv tours you can have a walking tour in the city downtown, visit ethnic parks, castles around the Lviv which are called the Golden Horse Shoe.

The fifth place is taken by Odessa sea side resort. This amazing city is called "the Pearl of the Black Sea". It is the largest city at the Black sea and the biggest port of Ukraine. The mild climate, warm water, sunny beaches attract thousands of tourists every year.

Yalta tours
obtains the sixth place at our top ten. It is a small town surrounded with the mountains and azure sea. There is no surprise that the writer Anton Chekhov would choose to live in this seaside resort in Crime - it seems to be a combination of Carmel California the French Riviera and Greece. Yalta has high level hotels with beaches, palaces, botanical garden, wine yards and a lot of parks for walking and contemplating the natural beauty.

town is on the seventh place. It is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, is considered a phenomenon of great cultural importance. The fortress which was used as a protection for the town came through the numerous sieges and  attacks but still the view of it impresses every visitor who came to Kamyanets-Podilsky.

Eights is Chernihiv which has known as settlement for over 2,000 years. The region comprises a very important historic value, notable as early as the Kyiv Rus' period. The city of Chernihiv was the second most important Ukrainian city during the Rus' period of Ukrainian history, often serving as a major regional capital. There are a lot of Churches, even a cave monastery, bell tower, steep hill with cannons. Now you even can have a look and step at the parquet floor of the 12th century.

Ninth place was given to Sophievka dendropark in Uman. This park is real masterpiece of world landscape architecture of the end of 18th century. The total area of the park is 154,7 hectares. It took 6 years to create the park with artificial lakes, fountains, huge stones, marble sculptures.

Poltava tours
closing the top ten must seen places in Ukraine. Poltava city is located between Kharkiv and Kiev in Ukraine. It is famous for 1709 battle between Ukrainian Cossacks under the rule of Mazepa and Swedes led by Charles XII both fought against Russian emperor army of Tzar Peter I.


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