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Shooting Range Tours in Kiev - Shooting Sport

Shooting sport is one type of sport activity. In that case, shooting is done from air guns (4.5 mm), subcaliber weapon (5.6 mm) and pistols. It is subdivided into the shooting from a pistol, a rifle and rifle shooting at a moving target.

Targets which are used in sport shooting have 10 concentric circles and one black circle in the middle ( the core). In the speed shooting one shot has 3 sec and 5 rounds (20, 10, 8, 6 and 4 sec) at silhouette targets, bobbing targets "the boar" ( speed is 2 and 4 m/sec) and "the deer" (5,75 m/sec).

Olympic program includes next exercises:

  • Subcaliber pistol:
    - Unmovable target and bobbing target shooting (30+30 shots, 25 meters). The time for the series of 5 shots at unmovable target is 5 min. Time for the shooting at bobbing target is 3 seconds.
    - Speed shooting (30+30 shots, 25 meters). The time for the series of 5 shots is 8,6,4 seconds.
    - Unmovable target shooting (60 shots, 50 meters)
  • Air pistol:
    - Unmovable target shooting (40/60 shots, 10 meters)
  • Subcaliber rifle:
    - Shooting from the prone position (60 shots, 50 meters)
    - Shooting from three positions (oft-hand shooting, from the knee, prone), ( 60/120 shots female/male, 50 meters)
    - Oft-hand shooting at unmovable target (60 shots, 10 meters)

The history of shooting sport origin:

Shooting sport takes its roots from archery and bolt shooting. With emerging in the middle of the 14th century of firing arms, competitions in shooting started firstly from smooth-bore guns and later from rifled-barrel guns. The first competition on shooting was held in Augsburg in Germany in 1432. In 1449 communities of fire arms shooting were established. Since 1452 in Switzerland annual solemn contests on target shooting were held.

In 1896 competition on rifle and pistol shooting were included into the program of the Olympic games, since 1897 annual world contests on shooting sport were regularly organized.


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