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Article - Military and shooting tours in Kiev.

Military and shooting tours in Ukraine.
Military tourism is popular in a lot of countries especially in those which have or had long history of military actions and high-rate technical supplies.  During the Soviet times there were possibility only in historical direction. All shooting ranges and bases in Ukraine were under big secret. Now in Ukraine a lot of military bases were disarmed according to the treaty on nuclear non- proliferation. So the bases are now the museums which welcome visitors from all over the world.

Military tours
have the next directions:

Shooting tours.

Military vehicle driving.

Military helicopters and airplanes flights.

-  Living at the real military bases in Ukraine in military conditions.

-  Visiting different strategic places and ranges (Nuclear missile museum in Pervomaysk)

Military tourism
is the type of attraction created for those who want to experience modern rifles and military vehicles in Ukraine. If you did not serve in the army or did not have the opportunity to fire real rifles, you might be interested by our standard shooting program in Kiev. This is a unique opportunity to test the famous Kalashnikov (AK-47, AKM), Makarov and Fort pistols.

But there are much more interesting variants available. In some shooting ranges in Kiev you can try the rifles of WW1 and WW2 - Nagant Mosin rifle, gun machines. You can also shoot with American or Israeli weapons. The shooting tour costs from 200 USD up to a 500-600 USD per person, depending on how long you want to stay and shoot. We also have special offers for driving tours in tanks and BDRM. Shooting with a tank is also possible (prices are under request only).

In the same vein, we propose excursions to museums and historical places. Kiev and its suburbs have been the theater of many battles; the museum of WW2, various exhibitions of military vehicles, museum of military weapons all bear witness of the past Ukrainian and Russian wars. In the Crimean city of Sevastopol you can visit the Panorama and Diorama museums which represent the most important battles of the past centuries.

Our company STAYinKIEV.com offers you the opportunity of living an unforgettable-and extreme-experience at open air military bases and an exclusive opportunity to try real rifle shooting and tank driving. After having let your adrenaline going, a ‘soldier-chef' will offer you meals and drinks directly from the field kitchen. If you ever dreamt about holding a real Kalashnikov or another rifle, but did not have the chance to do it yet; don't miss this opportunity! We will make your dream come true! The program includes the transfer from Kiev to the shooting range and the way back to your hotel or apartment. During the tour a coordinator of our company will assist you. Every person will have a personal instructor on the field who will explain the specificities of the different firearms you are going to try .The shooting part is confirmed beforehand with the manager of STAYinKIEV.com. He will make sure that you get the best guns available. During the military tour a professional photographer will take pictures of you shooting! (For security reasons, taking pictures on your own is forbidden).

Please note that this tour is a serious military journey in Ukraine with real rifles and bullets. NO Alcohol, NO Drugs before the shooting tour will be tolerated. Shooting Tour is also prohibited for people with mental or psychiatric disability this tour.


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