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Article - About Chernobyl and Pripyat tours

Chernobyl is a small Ukrainian town in the Kiev region. Twenty four years ago it suddenly became famous all around the world with the dramatic explosion of its nuclear power station. The most affected town was Pripyat where 50000 residents have been evacuated within first days of the catastrophe.

The Chernobyl disaster that occurred on 26th April 1986 is considered to be the worst nuclear power plant accident in all history.

Shortly after 01:23 a.m., reactor number four experienced a fatal meltdown. Further explosions and the resulting fire sent a massive cloud of highly radioactive dust into the atmosphere. This cloud expanded over an extensive geographical area, including the nearby town of Pripyat. The authorities registered four hundred times more rainfalls than after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The cloud drifted over large parts of the western Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Northern Europe. Contaminated rainfalls affected regions as far away as Ireland. According to the official post-Soviet data, approximately 60% of the polluted rainwater ended in Belarus.

Large areas in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia had to be evacuated; in total over 336,000 people have been resettled. 135,000 people were evacuated from a 30 km radius around the plant, with the peripheral areas remaining at a high risk of radioactive exposure. Over the following years about 600,000 people known as "the liquidators" worked on clean-up operations inside the 30 km zone.

Chernobyl unit 4 is now enclosed in a large concrete shelter which was erected quickly to allow continuing operation of the other reactors at the plant.

Since last year, the site of Chernobyl tours is open for tourists. It is not easy to get permissions to enter there and not many companies do provide excursions there. Our company, however, is a legal representative of Chernobyl authorities which provides us with the permission to take tourists for sightseeing.

Our Chernobyl Tour usually starts at 9 a.m. A Driver can pick you up at any place in Kiev or even at the airport and take you directly to Chernobyl. At 10:30 a.m. you will first pass Dytyatky, a village which is exactly at the limit of the 30 km zone. After half an hour, you will reach Chernobyl where the guide will meet you and provide you with all the important information regarding the tragedy of 1986, the borders of zone and life in Chernobyl nowadays. Afterwards, you will finally enter to 10 km zone and enjoy a tour around the nuclear power station. You will have an opportunity to stop at the observation platform in front of the gates of the Reactor No 4 with a view on the concrete sarcophagus.

The next station of the visit is the ghost town of Pripyat. There, you will able to walk around  the ruins of former schools, kinder gardens and houses which are now completely abandonned.

Our guide of Chernobyl tour will show you the river port, Illinskaya Church, Glory park.

The last station of the tour is a lunch in a local restaurant in Chernobyl. You should not be scared of eating the food because all the products are transported for tourists from Kiev. After the lunch the car will pick you up for the back transfer to Kiev.

Please take into consideration that the level of radiation at the Zone is lower than the one you get exposed to during your commercial flight to Ukraine! For safety reasons, we will nevertheless measure the level of radiation before and after your Chernobyl tour.

StayinKiev.com offers an all-inclusive guided Chernobyl Tour in different languages: Kiev pick-up and drop-off, zone access pass and transportation, English speaking guide or others languages, lunch.


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