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Extreme tour with visiting: Chernobyl reactor No 4, "dead town" Pripyat, "Red Forest" and other exciting places.

Don't miss the opportunity to shoot from Kalashnikov, Dragunov sniper rifle, M16 rifle, pistols and others.

Incredible experience of soviet tanks driving and anti-tank cannon shooting. No need in driving license.



Where to go in Kiev

Coming to a foreign county for the first time and not knowing where to go in the city is a common problem for many tourists. Our company is eager to become your guide at the crossroads of Europe. Kiev is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Ukraine and can boast with rich cultural heritage and great diversity. While one can certainly go the adventurous way of exploring the city on their own, our company can offer even more exciting and time-efficient way to discover Kiev through the eyes of the local tour guides.

What to do in Kiev

Like in many large cities Kiev offers a plethora of entertainment activities along with a large number of historical and sightseeing points of interest. Stayinkiev company will be glad to arrange a custom tour according to your availability and tour preferences. From museums of history and fine art to the most extraordinary night clubs, Kiev has plenty of everything. Our tour guides know it all and ready to tailor a truly unforgettable tour for you and your friends or family. Kiev is also a great place for theater-lovers with more than 30 theaters available at your disposal. The most famous are the Drama Theater and the National Opera of Ukraine.

What to see in Kiev

If you enjoy some truly amazing urban sightseeing there is no better way to find the best places than asking one of our local tour guides. Kiev can offer equally astonishing views during the day and night, from Motherland Monument located on the picturesque bank of the Dnieper river to mysterious play of light at night on a perfect combination of modern and historical architecture of the Khreshchatyk street. Independence Square is another fabulous place adjacent to Khreshchatyk, located in the heart of the city it is always crowded like a magical oasis with refreshing fountains amidst the stone jungle.

What to visit in Kiev

Historical tours are always boring when you try to see everything at once and in the end can’t recall most of the information that you’ve heard from a tour guide. Our English speaking guides know how to make a boring tour an entertainment activity and emphasize on the most interesting facts about the city. Kiev Pechersk Lavra, an old Orthodox Christian Monastery, The Golden Gates (Zoloti vorota) just to name a few, simply ask our guides for a list of places to see and you’ll be amazed how much is omitted in conventional tours. Our guides will also be glad to show you the most notable places like Andriyivskyy Descent where the famous writer Bulgakov once lived and now Bulgakov’s Museum is located.

Apart from being one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine, Kiev offers a wide variety of entertainment activities and of course some of the best cuisine from all over the world often served in the best traditions of the country of its origin. Stayinkiev company guides can assist you with choosing the best place to wrap up your tour with a meal based on you preferences as well as accompanying you in case of language barrier difficulties.

Things to do in Kiev

As in any big city around the world, tourists are able to choose the most appealing activity based on their desires. Our guides will gladly assist you with choosing the best place to play various indoor games like pool, bowling, poker, as well as more extreme outdoor activities like carting, bike or motorcycle riding etc. Your next favorite activity is just a phone call away! Tell our guides what is it you like and you’ll be amazed how many options Kiev has to offer.

Kiev tour guides

While many companies offer conventional tour guides that usually involve large groups of people with absolutely no personal approach, Stayinkiev company prides itself on the best customer oriented conventional tours. As usual, a number of possible options and routes to choose from, single or a small group tour doesn’t matter, you’ll always feel attended by our guides whose job is to make your tour experience unforgettable!

Kiev travel guide

The last but not the least important thing to have in a foreign city is a personal travel guide. Stayinkiev will be glad to help you with your staying and enjoying your time in this wonderful city. To make this experience absolutely complete, Stayinkiev company offers a full range of services from visa approval assistance to VIP shuttle service directly from the customs gate at the airport to your hotel and anywhere you’d like to go in the city. Feel free to call or email and ask for our unique customer service package.


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